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The Worm is a small creature who lives in Jareth's Labyrinth, and is a featured character in the film of the same name. The Worm was operated by Karen Prell, and was voiced by the late Timothy Bateson.

The worm is extremely hospitable, and offers Sarah guidance when she is at the point of giving up her quest to save her brother. He has a cockney accent, and wears a bright red scarf.

Role in the film

Sarah encounters the worm towards the start of her journey through the Labyrinth.

Under the impression she is trapped in an endless brick corridor, Sarah slumps down against a wall. The worm addresses Sarah from an alcove in the wall, urging her to 'come inside and meet the missus' and 'have some tea.' Sarah politely declines the offer, and The worm goes on to help her by informing her there are many openings in the passage and that she needs to look harder. The worm tells Sarah that 'nothing is at is seems in this place' and persuades her to overcome her doubts and search for a gap in the adjacent wall.

After Sarah finds an opening, the worm urges Sarah to take the other route to the one she first picked. Once Sarah has gone, The worm sighs and observes that Sarah would have went "straight to that castle" if she had taken the route she originally picked, the worm's fundamental misunderstanding in Sarah's ultimate goal.

Appearances in other media

The Novelization

Sarah's encounter with the worm in the novelization is virtually identical to how it is portrayed in the film. The only notable difference is that it is made clear that the worm thought he was being helpful by directing Sarah away from the castle, as he refers to it as a 'dreadful' place.

Return to Labyrinth

The worm appears on the frontispiece to Chapter Three of the first volume of the Return to Labyrinth series, however he plays no part in the narrative itself.

Hoggle and the Worm

The worm will feature in Archaia comic's Labyrinth short story, Hoggle and the Worm.

Behind the scenes

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