The Wiseman.

The Wiseman is an eccentric denizen of Jareth's Labyrinth, who Sarah encounters mid-way through her journey. The Wiseman was operated by Frank Oz, and voiced by Michael Hordern.

Role In The Film

Sarah and Hoggle encounter the Wiseman shortly after escaping The Cleaners. The Wiseman is asleep when Sarah first sees him, and she wakes him to ask him for guidance on the path she should take.

Comic banter between The Wiseman, Sarah and the bird growing out of the Wiseman's head ensues, and ultimately The Wiseman only offers Sarah a few words of cryptic advice "sometimes the way forward is the way back."

Sarah thanks the Wiseman for his time, and offers a ring from her finger as payment.

The Wiseman is one of several characters seen celebrating Sarah's victory with her in her bedroom at the end of the film.

Appearances In Other Media

The Novelization

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