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The Junk Lady is one of a race of Junk People in Labyrinth, and she attempts to make Sarah forget her quest by plying her with her own possessions. The Junk Lady is operated by Karen Prell, and voiced by Denise Bryer.

Role In The Film

The Junk Lady is one of the many junk people who occupy an area of the Labyrinth known as The Junk Fields. Sarah encounters The Junk Lady while wandering around the heaps of rubbish in a daze, accidentally bumping into her. The Junk Lady is irritable to begin with, and scolds Sarah for disturbing her. However, her manner suddenly changes and she offers Sarah her toy bear Lancelot. Following this, The Junk Lady ushers Sarah through a curtained doorway set in the midst of a mound of junk.

The doorway leads into an exact copy of Sarah's room, and Sarah initially flops down onto the bed and relaxes, considering her time in the Labyrinth to be a dream. When Sarah goes to the door of the room to go out into the hall, the Junk Lady bustles in and begins plying her with the toys and trinkets that fill her room.

While Sarah initially takes all of the objects that are offerred to her and listens to the old woman's prattle, she eventually grows suspicious and remembers that she has to save her brother Toby. Sarah shrugs off all of the items The Junk Lady had given to her, and escapes through the ceiling.

Despite opposing her during her quest, the Junk Lady is one of the many creatures who appears in Sarah's room at the end of the film to celebrate her victory.

Appearances In Other Media

The Junk Lady appears in the music video for the David Bowie song Underground, wandering the dark streets of the gritty, urban environment the video is set in.

A junk person named Agnes is profiled in The Goblins of Labyrinth, however it is unclear if the creatures in the book is meant to be The Junk Lady, as many other creatures similar to her can be seen in the background of the film.

Other junk people can be seen in the second volume of the Return to Labyrinth series, as they take Moppet captive after finding her wandering in the Junk Fields and eventually offer her to Mayor Spittledrum as payment for outstanding taxes.

Behind the scenes

An early draft of the Labyrinth script features The Junk Lady, however in it she is a puppet operated by Jareth, who attempts to use The Junk Lady to distract Sarah from her quest. Due to her being directly under Jareth's control, The Junk Lady of the early script is more malovelant than she comes across in the film and attempts to literally drown Sarah in a sea of rubbish.

Karen Prell - who operated the puppet of the Junk Lady - stood upright in the costume, with her upper body concealed by the mound of rubbish heaped on the creatures back. Denise Bryer dubbed The Junk Lady's voice in post-production.

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