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Sarah with The Fire Gang.

The Fire Gang also called the Fireys, are a group of zany, manic creatures Sarah encounters in the firey forest. They seem unaware that humans can not take off their heads, and attempt to take off Sarah's head. Either it's that or they don't care.


The Fire Gang are concerned solely with having a good time, and also possess a fondness for bad food. They engage in many games and sports, including gambling (with their own eye), pool (with heads as the balls and legs as the sticks), and basketball (with heads as balls). It is apparently "against the rules" to throw somebody else's head.


Fireys are capable of disassembling themselves without pain or damage, and can also strike their fingers like matches. If they remove their eyes, they can reattach them by swallowing them. They have no fixed morphology, as they can reattatch their limbs anywhere that they want, even to other fireys. Their detached heads are capable of limited flight, using their ears as wings. Despite this, they seem to believe that only one ear is necessary.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Despite the fact that it is against the rules to throw someone else's head, the Fire Gang do just that while playing sports using heads as balls. It could be that you're allowed to throw another's head if they give you permission. Although it seems they don't play by their own rules, because they tried to rip Sarah's head off before they realized she can't like they can.