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c. 700 A.D-c. 2001


The Land of Moraine






Mizumi (mother)
Drumlin (sister)


Mizumi (formerly)
Toby Williams


Return to Labyrinth

Moulin is an ablation formed of Mizumi's regret, and is a supporting character in the Return to Labyrinth series.


Moulin was created by Mizumi in the wake of her seperation from Jareth, and embodies her feelings of regret. Moulin was created in conjunction with Drumlin, who she knows as her sister. Moulin is raised knowing Mizumi as her mother.

In Return to Labyrinth Vol. IV, Moulin is seen as an infant immediately after her creation. In Return to Labyrinth Vol. II, Moulin appears as a child, greeting Jareth when he arrives to visit Mizumi.

Role in the manga[]

Moulin is a very quiet, bookish individual. It is unknown how Moulin came to have Nimbus, her pet cloud. Perhaps her scar or tattoo over her eye is a clue. Her power is that she can create water-based attacks or defenses. Her first major implementation of this power the reader sees is when Moulin and Nimbus clean the castle after Jareth's abdication party.

Moulin seems to have an attraction to Moppet during the party, preferring her over males in the crowd, even Toby. While she could very well be romantically attracted to Moppet, it's also possible that, as the embodiment of Mizumi's regret, her attraction speaks of Mizumi's regret in making Moppet, who theoretically was supposed to satisfy Jareth's heart, which is something Mizumi didn't want.

While her sister Drumlin is far more eager to help Mizumi's planned takeover, as the embodiment of Regret, Moulin betrays Mizumi and warns Toby of her mother's plans. She is also instrumental in assisting Moppet find Sarah before Mizumi's forces can. While she is ultimately freed of Mizumi's spiritual influence and appears to be killed by Mizumi, she is seen in the epilogue as though nothing has happened. Either she didn't die when Mizumi attacked her or because Toby and Sarah continued having their dreams, she can live as long as they dream of her (and others similarly defeated).

She is seen for a long time to be reading a book. Towards the end it is revealed that it is a book that reveals possible fates, but never the true one. For example, if you read that you will die in a scenario, you will actually live. If you read of victory, you will be defeated. However, the fairy Hana exploits a weakness in the book's ability to gain the upper hand during battle with Esker.