Linda Williams with her co-star and lover Jeremy.

Linda Williams is the mother of Sarah, and the ex-wife of Robert Williams. She is seen only in the form of newspaper and magazine clippings at the start of Labyrinth, however her role is somewhat expanded in the film's novelization.

Role In The Film

A scrap-book in Sarah's room features multiple clippings and articles that feature a woman called Linda Williams, who is revealed in the novelization of the film to be Sarah's absent mother. Clippings referring to Linda are also stuck to Sarah's vanity. While she is never referred to explicitly in the film, it is implied that Sarah idolizes Linda and her apparent success as an actress. As well as featuring in the scrap-book and in the clippings tacked to Sarah's vanity, Linda is seen in photos in other parts of Sarah's room.

The magazine clippings featuring Linda largely appear to be taken from theatre magazines such as Playbill, which features Linda on the cover. The headlines of the clippings include 'A Theatregoer's Notebook', 'Linda Williams: On-Off Romance Back Together?', 'Williams: Love, It's All Over' and 'The Onstage Kiss'. The clippings titled 'On-Off Romance' and 'The Onstage Kiss' both feature Linda with her lover Jeremy, who is only named in the film's novelization.

Appearances In Other Media

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