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Laura Phillips
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Fraggle Rock
The Christmas Toy

Laura Phillips is a television writer who worked on various projects for The Jim Henson Company, including Fraggle Rock (1983-1987) and The Christmas Toy (1986).

Phillips was brought in by Jim Henson to re-draft Terry Jones' script of Labyrinth towards the end of 1984.[1] An early version of the script widely available on the internet is jointly attributed to Jones and Phillips.[2]


Phillips started her writing career as an in-house screen-writer at the Jim Henson Company, penning multiple scripts for Fraggle Rock between 1983 and 1987. Phillips won a Gemini award for the 1984 episode, A Friend In Need.[3]

Phillips went on to script the Emmy award winning television film, The Christmas Toy, in 1986. At the same time Phillips was also brought in to re-tool Terry Jones' draft of Labyrinth, re-drafting the script several times.[3]

Since working with the Jim Henson Company, Phillips has gone on to script various television programmes, including Nancy Drew (1995) and Peak Practice (1993-2002).


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