The Labyrinth Wiki Format Page will set out the guidelines for the standardized format expected to be used in all articles. It is important these guidelines are followed, as doing so will make the wiki consistent and easy to read.

What sort of articles are accepted?

Articles are welcome on any topic that is directly related to the film Labyrinth. This includes the film's characters and settings, as well as any material produced to accompany the film in the real world such as the soundtrack album and any other associated merchandise. Articles are also welcome on any individuals directly involved with the making of the film, and these are to be found in the Cast and Crew category.

Articles are also welcome on the manga sequel to the film, Return to Labyrinth, and contributors are invited to create pages pertaining to its characters and settings.

Articles that are not to be included in the wiki include pages on any other Henson projects, such as The Dark Crystal. This wiki will solely deal with Labyrinth, and is not to feature any pages that are not directly related to it. Pages on characters that only exist within the Labyrinth fandom should also be avoided (please see the section below on fandom).

How should a particular article be laid out?

Character Pages

Cast and Crew Pages

Other Pages

What tense should articles be written in?

What style should articles be written in?

Sources and Accuracy of Information

References to 'fandom' or 'fanon'

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