The cover of the U.K edition of the novelization.

Labyrinth: A Novel Based On The Jim Henson Film is the novelization of the film of the same name by A.C.H. Smith, which was first published in the U.S by Henry Holt to tie-in with the film's release in June 1986. A U.K edition of the book was published by Virgin Books in late 1986 to tie-in with the film's release in the region.

Editions of the book were published in numerous languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

The novelization is now out of print.

Back Cover Synopsis (U.K Edition)

Everything is unfair. No one understands her. She is alone in a friendless world. This is how young Sarah feels when she is left behind yet again by her father and hated step-mother to look after her baby brother Toby. Outside a storm is raging, inside Toby is screaming his head off; in a fit of temper, Sarah wishes the goblins would come and take him away. Unfortunately, they do.

Suddenly, Sarah is plunged into a whirlwind adventure. She must get Toby back from the centre of the mysterious labyrinth within thirteen hours - or else, Jareth, king of the goblins, will keep him forever. The journey is long and dangerous, and the odds are stacked against her. Can she rise to the first real challenge of her young life?

A.C.H. Smith, author of numerous novels and plays, including The Dark Crystal, has recreated all the excitement and magic, and has brought to life all the weird and wonderful charecters of a brilliant film in this riveting novel.

Differences from the Film

While largely faithful to the events of the film, the novelization features some notable diffirences. These include-

  • The insertion of dialogue scenes to replace scenes that featured Bowie's songs in the film.
  • Added background information at the start, most significantly an explanation of the absence of Sarah's mother Linda and scenes that feature both Linda and her boyfriend Jeremy.
  • An expanded version of the scene where Sarah is faced with the two door knockers. In the novelization, Sarah first takes the door with the knocker that has the ring through its ears, and finds herself in a flower filled forest that resounds with the laughter of birds, trees and flowers. Sarah starts to laugh as well, but soon realizes that her laughter is uncontrollable and is starting to cause her pain. She summons the strength of will to leave, and takes the other door which leads into a grey, dank forest that appears to be formed of bones.
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