Labyrinth: The Storybook Based On The Film, the U.K edition.

Labyrinth: The Storybook Based On The Movie is an illustrated children's box based on Labyrinth. It was written by Louise Gikow, and illustrated by Bruce McNally.

The storybook was published by Henry Holt in the U.S and Purnell Books in the U.K under the title Labyrinth: The Storybook Based On The Film. The storybook was also translated into German.[1]

The storybook is now out of print, however a digital copy can be accessed here.

Differences from the film

  • Instead of saying Toby will 'become one of us,' as he does in the film, Jareth explicitly states that 'Toby will be turned into a goblin' if Sarah fails to reach him in time.
  • The storybook explains the solution to the riddle of The Four Guards.
  • A skeleton is shown in the Oubliette, indicating the fate of one of its previous occupants.
  • Instead of telling Hoggle that he will make him prince of the land of stench should Sarah kiss him, Jareth says he will plunge both of them into the Bog.
  • Instead of merely distracting Sarah, The Fire Gang offer to take her to Jareth's castle.


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