Kingdom of Goblins
(stylized as KinGdom of Goblins) is a fictional video game featured in Return to Labyrinth.

At the start of the first volume of the manga, Toby cannot wait for his sister to leave the house so he can go upstairs and play K.O.G.. When his parents arrived back home, Toby quickly turned off the game and pretended to be busy with his homework. Afterwards he stayed up all night playing the game, leading him to be extremely tired the next day at school. He was dismayed to find that he had completely neglected to study for a test.

After school, Toby had to write a History paper titled The War of 1812 - The Water was Important. He added a picture of the Kingdom of Goblins logo to the tile page. This made him want to start up the game and check how his K.O.G. character was doing, but he managed to refrain from any gameplay in order to finish the paper.

Kingdom of Goblins is a mult-player on-line game in which the players can buy or earn 'gold' to further their gameplay. An unknown person kept sending Toby free virtual sacks of gold as a gift via the game's e-mail function.

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