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Hoggle is a supporting character in Labyrinth, and becomes a loyal friend of Sarah's after he defies his master Jareth to accompany her on her quest. Hoggle was voiced by Brian Henson, and performed by Shari Weiser.

Role In The Film[]

Hoggle is the first creature Sarah encounters in the labyrinth upon her arrival. Hoggle is gruff and ill tempered and is unhelpful when Sarah first approaches him. He is first seen, weeing in a pond until Sarah makes her presence known, startling him in the process. Hoggle then begins spraying faeries with a spray can repellent, his apparent cruelty horrifying Sarah. Hoggle has been expecting Sarah, and wearily comments ‘that’s what I thought’ when Sarah introduces herself.

Hoggle is eventually revealed to be in Jareth's employ, and is tasked by him with taking Sarah back to the beginning of the Labyrinth when she becomes trapped in an Oubliette. Sarah is able to manipulate Hoggle into taking her 'as far as he can' through the Labyrinth by promising him she will give him her plastic bracelet, however they are then confronted by Jareth who intimidates Hoggle for his disobedience.

After they escape from the Oubliette Sarah tells Hoggle he is her only friend in the Labyrinth, a comment that appears to genuinely surprise him. After Hoggle abandons Sarah out of fear, he is cornered by Jareth who orders him to give Sarah an enchanted peach. Jareth bullies Hoggle during their encounter, telling him that Sarah couldn’t possibly consider a creature such as him a friend. Jareth tells Hoggle that if Sarah ever kisses him, he will make him prince of the land of stench. Although wracked by guilt and indecision, Hoggle ultimately does as he is told and gives Sarah the peach. He is guilt stricken and flees to the Junk City alone to contemplate what he has done.

Hoggle redeems himself at the end of the film by saving Sarah, Ludo and Sir Didymus from the giant robot Humongous, jumping onto the robot from above and disabling it. Sarah forgives Hoggle for his betrayal, and he helps her reach the Goblin King's castle. At the end of the film, Hoggle appears in Sarah mirror and is summoned into her room along with various other creatures from the Labyrinth to celebrate her victory.

Appearances in Other Media[]

The Novelization[]

Return to Labyrinth[]

In the Return to Labyrinth manga, Hoggle has literally become the Prince of the Bog of Eternal Stench just as Jareth promised him. He lives in a small cottage in the Bog, has several goblin underlings and sits on a small throne.

Hoggle appears again in the fourth volume of the series, helping Moppet in her quest to find Sarah.

Hoggle and the Worm[]

Hoggle features in Archaia comic's Labyrinth short story, Hoggle and the Worm.


Hoggle is a crochety and lonely figure, and initially rejects Sarah's attempts to befriend him. He is repeatedly humiliated by his master Jareth, and his poor treatment results in Hoggle's being deeply distrustful of those around him.

Despite his initial coldness, Hoggle eventually comes to care for Sarah and helps her reach Jareth's Castle. His courage in helping Sarah results in his developing a more noble persona, and at the end of the film he is shown to be a brave and caring friend.


Hoggle appears to act as a caretaker to the Labyrinth, working in Jareth's employ and keeping the fairy population under control. He has a good level of knowledge of the Labyrinth and its tricks, and is able to calmly and quickly free Sarah from an Oubliette using a magic door.