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Hana is a supporting character in the Return to Labyrinth series. She is a fairy, and is nearly always seen with her friend and steed, Stank.

Events prior to the mangaEdit

Some time before she first encounters Toby, Hana was living in the attic of a shoe shop ran by an elderly goblin couple. The old couple were struggling to keep their buisness going, and feeling sorry for them Hana would sit up through the night making high quality shoes for them to sell.

Hana's shoes were a great success, and the old couple were able to set up other shops in the city that sold her produce. After some time of this arrangement, Hana started to resent the lack of credit she received for her hard work and demanded payment.

The old couple tried to buy Hana's favour by leaving her a thank-you note and a small pair or badly-stitched shoes. Scornful of the couple's payment, Hana raided their safe and took what she considered to be her share of their profits.

Hana was quickly caught by the goblin army, and had her wings plucked out as punishment for the theft before being banished from the Labyrinth. Some time after her exile from the Labyrinth, Hana teamed up with Stank and they roamed the outer walls of the Labyrinth together.

Role in the mangaEdit

She befriends Toby during his journey into the Labyrinth and he promises to help her find her wings. When Toby's studies prevent him from helping her search for her wings, she become agitated with him and goes with Moppet to find them alone.

In a way, her friendship with Moppet makes a lot of sense. Both were considered outsiders by goblins. Hana is just some vermin while Moppet is a poser who only exists because the King wanted it. Hana's wings make her feel incomplete, while Moppet is literally incomplete, an incomplete soul.

If the manga continues the implication that the various friends met along the way are psychological interpretations, Hana would be Toby's snarkiness, his attempt to have a rebellious sense of humor to get through dark times.


Hana has a fierce temper and is easily agitated.

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