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c. 700 A.D-c. 2001


The Land of Moraine






Mizumi (mother)
Moulin (sister)


Mizumi (formerly)
Toby Williams


Return to Labyrinth

Drumlin is an ablation formed of Mizumi's hope, who is known for most of the Return to Labyrinth series as her daughter.

Events prior to the manga[]

Drumlin was created by Mizumi in the wake of her seperation from Jareth, and embodies her feelings of hope. Drumlin was created in conjunction with Moulin, who she knows as her sister. Drumlin is raised knowing Mizumi as her mother.

In Return to Labyrinth Vol. IV, Drumlin is seen as an infant immediately after her creation. In Return to Labyrinth Vol. II, Drumlin appears as a child alongside her sister, greeting Jareth when he arrives to visit Mizumi.

Role in the manga[]

Drumlin is an obese young woman, nearly bursting out of her patched-together clothes. Her power is to absorb moisture from anything, killing living beings or destroying buildings through dry rot. Unlike Moulin, she is greedy and completely loyal to Mizumi, as her being the embodiment of Hope gives her the feeling victory is certain. However, she is not as thoughtful as Moulin and acts rather impulsively, nearly getting herself killed while attacking Moppet, Hana and Stank, which would also kill Mizumi and Moulin. She pays for this mistake with her life, as Mizumi is furious that she would be so reckless. However, despite Mizumi's report that re-absorbed ablations cease to exist, there are hints that they continue to have some sort of existence, as Mizumi hallucinates and sees her, but the image of Drumlin persists even after Mizumi leaves the room. Since Mizumi can form images and objects out of mist, however, it's also likely that her vision was simply augmented with her mist manipulation. In the epilogue, she is seen outside of Mizumi, none the worse for wear. Either she has been restored or Toby and Sarah, by holding onto their dreams, allow her to exist regardless of what happens to characters in the Underground.