Dennis Lee.

Dennis Lee (born 31 August 1939) is a Candian poet.[1] Lee was involved with Labyrinth at its early stages of development, and was given the task of writing the novella that would eventually become the basis for the screenplay.


Lee started his career as a university lecturer, teaching English at Victoria College, University of Toronto between 1963 and 1967.

Lee became a full time writer in 1972, editing various anthologies and poetry collections.

He first became involved with The Jim Henson Company in the early 1980s, when he penned song lyrics for Fraggle Rock (1983-1987).

Lee was given the task of writing the novella that would form the basis for Labyrinth early in 1983, and he attended various meetings with Jim Henson and Brian Froud where ideas for the plot of the film were discussed.[2] Lee submitted his completed novella of Labyrinth in December 1983, and it was used as the starting point for Terry Jones' script of the film.[3]


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