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David Barclay at Popcon in 2012

David Alan Barclay (b. November 5) is a puppeteer and animatronic supervisor with extensive experience in Muppet and Henson productions. For the Muppets, his most notable contribution was performing Sprocket in multiple international co-productions of Fraggle Rock, in some cases even re-dubbing the barks. He has also been involved with the London Creature Shop from the beginning, working on The Dark Crystal through more recent projects.

Barclay helped to build Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, and served as Frank Oz's understudy for the character. He also performed Jabba the Hutt for Return of the Jedi. Expanding on his work in animatronics, Barclay has also worked extensively in the use of motion capture and animatronics for CGI characters, as well as actual key frame computer animation.

Barclay's non-Henson credits include Little Shop of Horrors (as part of the Audrey II team), (as chief puppeteer for the live props handled by animated characters), and Looney Tunes: Back in Action (puppeteering Bugs Bunny in test green-screen footage).

Muppet/Creature Shop performer[]

  • Labyrinth: Sir Didymus (marionette version, eyebrows on handpuppet), Firey 1 (assistant); uncredited on Shaft of Hands, Goblins (including a riding goblin), The Worm, and other assistance

Crew credits[]

  • Labyrinth: Creature workshop team (Sir Didymus)

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