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Candlewic is a character in the Return to Labyrinth series.

Role in the manga[]

Candlewic is introduced alongside Mayor Spittledrum at the start of the first volume of the Return to Labyrinth series. They are shown keeping a close eye on Toby under strict orders from Jareth, and when Spittledrum expresses dissatisfaction at being ordered to 'babysit Toby' Candlewic assures him that 'Jareth won't be King much longer.'

Following Toby's arrival in the Labyrinth, Candlewic arrests the boy for trespassing and has him taken to the castle dungeons. Candlewic next appears in the chapter focused on Moppet, as Moppet watches him admiringly as he practices sword fighting in the courtyard of Jareth's Castle. When a goblin asks him who he arrested earlier in the day, Candlewic replies that he took a human into custody and expresses disgust for the human species.

Toby encounters Candlewic at the grand ball held by Jareth at the end of the first volume. Candlewic brushes Toby off, leaving in the company of two attractive young women. Moppet later approaches Candlewic and asks him if he will dance with her, but he turns her down.

Following Jareth's proclaimation that Toby will be the next King of the Labyrinth, Candlewic comments to Moppet and Spittlderum that Toby 'will have a short reign.' As part of Toby's training for Kinghood, Candlewic spars with him in combat to teach him fighting skills. Candlewic comes close to winning the fight on account of his brute strength, however Toby uses his innate magic to slip Candlewic up and win. Candlewic is humiliated by his defeat, and refuses to shake Toby's hand at the conclusion of their fight.

Followwing Toby's coronation and subsequent usurpation by Mizumi, Candlewic stabs Spittledrum in the back. Candlewic sides with Mizumi, and offers to kill Toby to consolidate her authority. Candlewic subsequently becomes Mizumi's loyal servant, throwing Toby into an Oubliette at her orders.

After Mizumi withdraws from events and leaves Toby as the sole ruler of the Labyrinth once again, Candlewic is left in a difficult position. He attempts to kill Toby, but Toby manages to punch Candlewic and knock him out, defeating him.


Candlewic has a largely humanoid appearance and has the height of an average human male, distinguishing him from most other goblins. He is extremely strong and muscly, and is usually seen wearing his armor.


Like many other goblins, Candlewic believes goblins to be superior to all other species. Candlewic resents Jareth's rule, as he believes a goblin should reign over the goblins.