Sarah and Jareth dancing to As The World Falls Down.

As The World Falls Down is a song written and recorded by David Bowie for the Labyrinth soundtrack. Although originally intended to be a single for a Christmas 1986 release, those plans were scrapped. With the idea of releasing the track as a single in mind, a promotional music video directed by Steve Barron was produced.

Use in the Film

The tune of As The World Falls Down is heard at the start of the film, as it is the tune played by the music box in Sarah's room.

The song is featured most prominently during the ballroom scene where Jareth attempts to seduce Sarah with visions of an opulent, decant lifestyle. The song plays as Sarah wanders through the ballroom, continuing as she is eventually found by Jareth and drawn into a dance with him. Although the song is mostly overlayed onto the scene, Jareth can be seen singing part of the song when he is dancing with Sarah. The song fades out as Sarah remembers that she has to save her brother Toby, fading into the background as the strikes of a clock resonate around the ballroom.

Music Video

David Bowie in the song's music video.

The music video features a mix of clips from the film, specially shot footage that shows David Bowie (who seems to be playing a version of his character from the film, Jareth) performing the song and clips a young woman - who appears to be an older version of Sarah - in an office.

The music video begins by showing an older Sarah relaxing in an office as a photocopier prints multiple images of Jareth's face. Meanwhile, Jareth is seen performing the track in an elegant room with Hoggle as his sole companion. A portrait of Sarah hangs on the wall. At one point the portrait crashes to the ground, prompting Jareth and Hoggle to look to the door as they falsely believe there is someone on the other side. The doorway is empty, and Jareth is seen staring ahead grimly upon realizing no one was there. Both Sarah and Jareth appear to want to go to the other, although neither of them are willing to take the first step.

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